: Blue is Rushnut Notes

Game Start - New

Player gets following tabs - Commands, Vitals, Skills (unusable as of now)

Player chooses 1 of 4 Element - Fire, Water Earth Air (Fire = str, Water = intellegence ((for getting elemental skills faster)), Earth = defence, Air = either speed, reflex, or both)

Player chooses class - Swordsman, Archer, Mage, etc.


Gardening System -

Each produce should have different qualities depending on the player's gardening experience and level.

Seperate into 5 levels

Lv 1 - Lowest (i.e HP Star Berry - 50 HP heal)
Lv 2 - Mid Low (i.e HP Star Berry - 75 HP heal)
Lv 3 - Middle (i.e HP Star Fruit - 100 HP heal)
Lv 4 - Mid High (i.e HP Star Fruit - 200 HP heal)
Lv 5 - Highest (i.e HP Star *insert something more than fruit* - 300 HP heal)

Players can gather seeds from eaten produce, introduce events later on for "Golden Seeds", produce high level plants that do not need to be watched, tend to themselves.


Towns should reflect the Element they stand for, each with own dungeon.

Players can either start in Null Town for tutorial, or go to their respective town decided via Element.

Water town should have 3 floors, first floor should have basic shops, GM Mansion. Second Floor should have market, where players can set up stalls. Decide whether or not players should be allowed to go afk with stall up, or should remain active unless booted for inactivity. Third floor should have Water Dungeon.

Will decide on layout of other towns via conference with Rushnut later.


Battle System

Agreed to be done FF style, icons 32x32. Parties should have no more than either 4 or 5 to a group. Solo players may have NPC Battle Partners in group.

Attack - Basic Attack
Defend - Defend for one turn
Element - Use Elemental Skills
Item - Use item from inventory (only recovery or status items, no quest or special items)

Weather affects certain Elements, makes some stronger, others weaker, sometimes increases exp or money. (note: weekend event - Exp Carnival, 2x/3x/etc)

Monsters can level up as well, system announcement tells players coordinates/near which town/which monster

Boss Battles - at end of dungeon, 15 dungeons for 15 elements?



Dungeons should only be *# of rooms*x*# of rooms* (Legend of Zelda style)

Players either walk into an enemy to start battle, or enemy appears at random (like FF 4)

If players die, restart at entrance and redo dungeon with exp and levels kept, or restarted. Should probably make an item that lets them keep the exp/levels/gold/items gained before death if used.

Players must clear certain dungeons to progress through the story.


Player Housing

Players start off with a small 25x25 area to make their own house, houses are public unless player chooses to make private. Private w/ invite function to allow friends, or private to keep everyone out. Admins have special access to enter any house at any time in case player finds/uses glitch in house.

Players may do certain quests for building materials, or earn from battles, and then craft at certain store to make housing furniture. Range from beds to staircases, allow 2nd floors, no higher.

Perhaps event later on for "Best house of the month"?



OOC - already implemented

Whisper - player must acquire item "Cell Phone"/"PDA"/etc to whisper, also has calender, clock (shows internal clock time for the region they set)

Guild - Implement (?)

Admin - Allows players to contact an admin, must specify reason for contacting admin (allows for admin to accept or deny, if admin denies more than (x) times, player can no longer send messages to admin for certain period of time

System - if no admins online, allows player to access system, include moderater abilities through commands, like AI Lucas from Pokemon Aurora, such as "Reset" for resetting character, "Stuck" for sending players to last save spot if stuck, "Barn is burning" *OH NOES, WHAT!? BARN IS BURNING! SAVE THE COWS! :O*
Added this already :F


GM Mansion

Players may enter the first floor of GM Mansion, make NPC behind a desk to handle reception.

Host parties for halloween and such at GM Mansion later

Rooms for each admin, may design how they like

Admins cannot go to a floor if they are restricted (Meaning a Lv 2 admin cant go to a Lv 3 Admins floor or anything like that, but a Lv 5 may go to the Lv 1's floor)

Have a room with table or something for meetings to discuss event ideas or how to deal with repeat offenders.


Announcements and Records

Include Announcement Boards in center of towns that players may check for event news and such if too lazy to go to forums. Lazyness is no excuse NOT to know the rules. Include section on rules on announcement board.

Boards may also show records, such as event winners, fastest battles, screenshots.

Might want to hook announcement board up with forum, since theyre the same, makes it fun and interactive.


Sports & Events

Invent unique sport that players will like, takes mind off battles. Battle after battle after battle can get monot... monotinous? (repetitive and boring). Something to mix things up when players dont want to battle so much.

Arena - pvp matches w/ non perma death. Include both Single and Party battles. Non combatants may watch via Eye In Sky (EIS), or Arena Cam. Players may bet on matches, and if win, huge payoff. Arena champions are given prizes, 2nd and 3rd place may have prizes, such as consolation prizes.



Exp Carnivals on weekends and holidays


Love and Marriage

Invent Couple System that allows players to start relationships in game, also allows marriage, NO SAME SEX MARRIAGE! (Im not against it, I just dont wanna be hounded for making a game that allows gays and lesbos)

In order to get married, players must either collect a large amount of money to buy rings/outfits/party, or donate to us on forums/site



Rushnut will handle all donations, I may have to set up something, perhaps tell him my mailing address and ask that he send money to me via money order?

Most of the money collected should go to getting a dedicated server in case of overpopularity, too many people logging in can create lag. Think like Naruto GOA and see if can get Byond Shell Server or something, or release host files amongst trusted admins who can host for multiple servers



Players can fuse items collected from battle rewards to fuse to their weapons/armor to make them stronger or give weapons/armor attributes. Example would be to fuse "Long Stick" with "Knife" to either create "Fishing Pole - Rod (no line)" or "Basic Wooden Sword". Attribute example is fusing "Volcanic Ash" to "Heavy Armor" to get "Heavy Hades Armor".

Items may be fused too, such as Lv 1 HP Star Berry + Lv 1 HP Star Berry =  Lv 2 HP Star Berry.



Players start in Southern Region

Beach Parties

Restrictions on travel unless player meets certain requirements


North Region: The Wasteland
South Region: Infinitia
East Region: Duonabia Plains
West Region: High Kuraiya
Mid region: Atainia


Card Game

Elementz TCG within the game itself

Similar project being worked on by Fint of Pokemon Citrine Online

Monsters should drop cards if player has Special Equip: "Card Finder" equipped. Rarity of card depends on monster.

If player defeats Character NPC X in battle, player has chance to get character card in combat.

In no way is this needed to become adaptive, not going to make cards of the players, would require constant updates to cards or a card iconner with a steady output rate.

TCG should follow the same basics as Elementz, Fire weak versus Water & etc.


Temporary Admin Test

Temporary admins should be hand picked by Lv 4 & 5 admins, in absence of either or both, a Lv 3 with a lot of trust may pick, but must leave a log of doing so.

Players picked to become TmpAdmns should get item "Guidebook" explaining how to go about passing the test, maturity should play a large role in test. TmpAdmn Player should get minimum of 3 Admin Token items to allow them to use Admin Skills. If able to, make coding so a log and screenshot are taken upon use of Admin Token, if cannot, then enforce that the TmpAdmn Player take the screenshot and record log themself.

Need protective measures against photoshoppers or log editors.


Monster Taming

Taming Monsters for use in battle or riding. Can also perhaps use monsters another way, maybe gain the powers of a monster you defeat in battle? Needs to be further discussed.



Ventrilo is a voice chat system that can be used by just about anyone. If we can get a server up or something on Ventrilo, players can use it later on down the road for communications (There are private servers on Ventrilo that require a password to join so not just anyone can join in on a chat and listen in on other people's discussions). Voice Chat can also help with announcing events or having a 1 on 1 discussion with a player. I believe that hearing the tone of a voice can help a player or admin better determine a situation and the sincerity of an explanation.
Already got IRC for this


Secret Areas

Areas that a player cannot access normally. Possibly accessed with a password found at some random location in the game, or restricted until a certain time. Should prove to be quite a challenge to players to find the areas during the times when they open and their locations at those times.


PVP Bounty System

Including a bounty system increases players drive to hunting down a particular player in order to reap the benefits. Bounties should be listed in the following format: [Name of Player/Level/Element/Bounty]


Capture the Flag

Not sure on how we can do this, perhaps convince Rush to set up some kind of extra Z level on the .dmm for a Capture the Flag Map for starters?
No, Just no.


Guild Wars

Every game has them, so we should follow suite. Add effects unique to Elementz that no other game has, or, only reuse the best effects. Defense Towers, Traps, anything and everything we can come up with.



Complete the game - Soundtracks that I can rip off youtube or something and convert to Mp3 format, then to .ogg for the player to listen to during battle. Or maybe some custom icon, even allow the player to set their own personal custom icon.


Above and Byond

Is Evilios, Element of Evil, really the last boss, or was there something greater out there controlling even him? Evilios made a pact with the God of Evil while Evilios was still the Element of Darkness, thus gained his mask and marked his betrayal from the Elementz. Can players stop a God before it corrupts another soul? Special Prize for winning the battle.


Guild Emblems and other nice stuff

Guilds should come at a price, in-game money of course, and a quest. (Idea used from .Hack//) Guild leaders are allowed to not only assign members and boot, but set guild emblem, as well as guild password.

All guilds should be founded in the Guild Hall of any town


Holiday Events

Make specialized turfs and icons for each holiday, even Easter if we can manage it.



In game pets are always fun, with auto follow and pet verbs, players can show off their well trained pets for fun and prizes down the road.


Extra notes

Skills should be made so the player can upgrade them. Upgrades should be for attack/number of targets/effect time/etc.


Character notes (all descriptions pulled from novel)

Zeke Divinos - Element of Light and main survivor of Atlantis, the hero in Elementz, but NPC that gives players the power of Light in Byond Elementz.

Shadika Divinos - Element of Darkness and Devil born of Hell. 2nd strongest in hell, was dragged from hell and given the powers of Darkness from Evilios, which gave him human form. Was at first destructive, planned to destroy Atlantis anyways, but Aisha the Element of Shadow managed to convince him to reconsider, and the two are now Brother and Sister. Fights under Evilios's command, but has a plan to betray Evilios (and team up with Zeke &/or The Player) the moment he gets Aisha's soul back, which Evilios stole in order to bring Shadika under his control.

Zephyre Divinos - Zeke's Father and Shadika's "Uncle". Zephyre and Evilios were brothers, but when Evilios betrayed the Elementz, Zephyre cut all ties with him, and used the Elementz to try and destroy Evilios when he attacked. With Zeke's birth, Zephyre lost the power of Light, therefor only leaving him with the powers of 14 Elements, used the life force (unwillingly) of his comrades to make up for the loss but was not enough. Sealed away Evilios behind the Gate of the Gods in the Tower of Destiny which can usually only be seen when someone has died, souls follow the winding, spiraling staircase inside to be judged, if good, they go on to heaven, if bad, they drop straight to hell. Zephyre was killed by Shadika when Evilios stole the soul of Aisha Divinos in order to control Shadika. Formerly controlled the Element of Divinity.

Evilios Divinos - the former Element of Darkness, betrayed Zephyre and the other Elementz when he noticed his brother was always the celebrated hero, since people cherish Light and fear the Dark. Formed a pact with the God of Evil, after dissapearing for a month, in order to gain a mask that would cover the left side of his face, giving him invincibility, power, and supreme control over Darkness. Attacked Atlantis afterwards, but was sealed away by Zephyre. Used his control over Darkness to steal the soul of Aisha Divinos in order to control Shadika from beyond the Gate of the Gods. Now awaits for Shadika to collect enough life force to open the gate and release his Evil upon the world.

Aisha Divinos - A frail girl, daughter of Evilios and controls the Element of Shadow. Unbelievably, she hates the idea of hurting others and causing mayhem. Found Shadika when he was "born" from hell with the powers of Darkness and convinced him that he had a purpous other than to kill humans. Ever since that day, she became his Sister, but Evilios stole her soul to bargain with Shadika and bring him under his control. Aisha now watches over Shadika and Zeke from behind the Gate of the Gods, wishing over and over that she could step in and solve everything, to keep Shadika from harming others to save her.

Iris Hydros - The smartest Atlantean ever, is known throughout the world as the Element of Water. His philosophy is "Brains over Brawn" and seeks to prove it through creating technology and medicine to benefit human kind. At first was tricked by Shadika into thinking Zeke was trying to destroy the world, but after Zeke defeated him and was told of the current situation, he formed an unbreakable bond with Zeke and vowed to defeat Shadika.

Hadeas Pyros - A strong willed battle maniac, hates cold and water, but due to his philosophy "Brawn over Brains", he constantly buts heads with Iris over who is right. Was tricked by Shadika into thinking that Zeke would destroy the world, but after being defeated by Zeke, he aknowledged that Shadika was wrong and vowed to help Zeke defeat Shadika. Controls the Element of Fire.

Sylphy Aeros - A surfer girl at heart, a bit of an airhead at times, and known as the Element of Air. If she had to choose between fighting and surfing, the latter would be picked in an instant. Shadika tried to trick her into thinking that Zeke would destroy the world, but due to Sylphy's airheadedness, she instead chose to challenge Zeke to a surfer compitetion. Zeke managed to wow the crowd with a signature move using the powers of Light, and gained Sylphy's help against Shadika.

Aquina Gigas - Element of Earth and proud warrior of the Indie Clan indians. A decent of Pocahontas, her indian name is "She who speaks to the Earth". Was tricked by Shadika into thinking that Zeke would destroy the world, but after Zeke managed to defeat her and hear his explanation, she vowed to help Zeke fight against Shadika.

Jennifer Loverain - An old high school classmate of Zeke's, back before Zeke found out he was the Element of Light. She possesses the power of Light, but instead of fighting alongside Zeke, she often stands aside and cheers for Zeke. She has somewhat of a crush on both Zeke and Shadika, and the decision between the two could alter the fate of the world, since the heart can be easily swayed by either. Also a supreme marksman... err, marksWOMAN, can cleanse the heart of any wicked soul with her Elemental Arrows.

Cubias Glayshore - A sunglass wearing, hardly speaking, coolish man from Alaska. He was raised by his Russian parents until the age of 5 when his Elemental powers of Ice kicked in, killing both in an accident. From that point on, he was raised by his grandmother. Although he is in the same teir as the others who believe in Shadika, he'd rather not fight. Once saved a sickly girl from Shadika when Evilios commanded that Shadika use the girl as a hostage to get Cubias to work for him.

Ken Dama - Element of Thunder. He is slightly retarded, but has a heart of gold. He and his younger brother control a small japanese village, but the younger brother, Dan Dama, is somewhat of a conman and is always trying to make his brother see the ways of money and power over helping others. Is a giant, but mostly uses his size and strength to help people. Dan forced Ken to help him fight against Zeke when Shadika commanded they fight him, but after Zeke talked some sense into him, Ken decided to help Zeke out and managed to make his brother see there is more to life than money and power. Ken and Dan are both the children of the Village's former leader, but since there can only be one leader, Dan is always looking for a way to show up his brother.

Dan Dama - Element of Lightning. A true conman, even more so than Huckleberry Finn from <i>The Adventures of Tom Sawyer</i>. One of the children of the late village cheif, he and his brother Ken now vie for control of the small japanese village they were raised in. Dan believes in power in money, and has gained the support of half the village, while Ken believes in harmony and helping each other, and has warmed the hearts of the other half of the village. When Zeke came around, Shadika convinced both Ken and Dan that he would make the one who kills Zeke the true leader of the village. After Zeke talks sense into Ken, Ken helps Zeke to defeat Dan, but only because Dan was distracted by Zeke's question of "Why not rule the town with both Power and Compassion?"

Bodimos Atlas - A german strongman, world class weightlifter, and the Element of Body. He specializes in every fighting style known to man, and has even made one of his own, known as "Atlas Fuu". Challenged Zeke to a round of boxing, and nearly won if not momentarily distracted by Loverain's "Mighty Fist of Love". He now travels the world with Jennifer as her bodyguard and secret admirer.

Muerta Spirita - A spanish psychic and Element of Spirit. She was traveling the world and found Zeke on the day of his match against Bodimos. Without saying anything, she dragged him into her tent and began to read his fate through the cards, and predicted he would meet with a tragic fate that would make him stronger. When Zeke wasnt convinced that she was a true psychic, she offered to look through her crystal ball and only saw Evilios's dark, sinister evil powers, causing her to faint. She now appears randomly every now and again to offer her predictions and palm reading to Zeke, along with trying to convince him to stop before he meets this "tragic fate".

Ein Stein - The Element of Mind and a teenage genius, he commands telekenesis and rivals the genius of Iris. The two used to be friends until one day they competed to see who was smarter. Iris won, however, and Ein vowed that one day he would trump Iris and prove himself to be the smartest person in the world. Constantly mocked because his name resembles that of the great historical genius Einstein by his younger peers, he strives to become smarter by 10 IQ every day. Almost committed suicide, but was stopped by Iris and Zeke. Iris managed to distract him with a simple question of logic, "If your so smart, why would you do something so dumb?" This gave Zeke enough time to grab Ein and get him off the bridge. Now Ein thanks Iris and the two have become friends again.

Zeke Divinos (Hypernova) - Zeke met his "tragic fate" when Shadika tricked Zeke into thinking Zeke had defeated Shadika. Shadika then peirced Zeke's heart with his scythe and used the last lifeforce to open the Gate of the Gods. When Evilios came out, he "fulfilled" his end of the bargain by restoring Aisha's soul to her body, but also gave her a curse that would slowly kill her as long as Evilios was still alive. Enraged, Shadika attacked Evilios, but was beaten severly and nearly lost his life. Evilios then set off down the Tower of Destiny to destroy the world. Zephyre then contacted Zeke in the realm between Life and Death, and entrusted Zeke with the power of Divinity, thus giving Zeke his remaining immense Life Force. Zeke relayed Zephyre's message and asked that the Elementz combine powers to create the same power that Zephyre had tried to use, and by combining all 15 Elementz within his own body, Zeke attained the power of Hypernova, his power equaling that of twice a Supernova's power.

In the end, Zeke managed to destroy Evilios's body, but thanks to Aisha contacting him once, he knew that in order to win, he had to destroy the mask completely. Focusing all his power into his hand, Zeke grabbed the mask, and the power of Divinity ripped through the mask, incinerating every last atom of it.



Airboards are inventions by Iris that players must earn in order to cross over certain terrains, such as water/magma/jungle quicksand/large expanses of desert/etc.

Airboards will require fuel, which players can either make through alchemy (all 5 levels apply, the higher the level of fuel, the more it replenishes, with Lv 1 giving the least and Lv 5 restoring the most)

Thinking about Airboard races through the aquaducts of the City of Water.
:While I like this idea, I think it would require alot of iconning, we would need an extra state for all the amors in game.


Beast Mode

If Players beat the game, a new area known as "Mystic Jungle" will open up to them. Inside, they must defeat a strong beast family monster (Max Level) of their Element. This will be a Solo Battle, no party allowed. If player is successful, player will gain the power of "Beast Mode", which alters their icon/form into something resembling the Beast of their Element, increases stats based upon monster and Element. (i.e.) Light and Darkness both get Wolves (Sol and Luna Wolf), Earth gets Bear, Air gets Eagle, Water gets Adamant Turtle, Fire gets Phoenix. (Light and Darkness get spd+pwr boost, Earth get Pwr+Def boost, Air get Spd+Eva ((Eva = Evade)), Water get Def/Intel boost, Fire gets pwr+HP)

Quest Item for Beast Mode quest is "Mayan Relic Statue"


Yin & Yang

Before player beats the game, before fighting Evilios, a new quest will open up "Yin & Yang" (Dark and Light ((I think, could be other way around)) ). If players chose Light Element, this quest, if completed, will allow them to get the other Element, vice versa as well.

Necessary for "A higher form of power?" listed below.

(Players can still get the power of Darkness/Light from "Final Battle Part 1/2/3" event at Tower of Destiny/Gate of the Gods instead, but this will remove Element of Light/Darkness reward for Yin & Yang, instead, will give large sum of money / level ups / exp / etc.)


A higher form of power?

After a few updates, include a few new Elementz - "Fate", "Destiny", and "Existance". Fate and Destiny serve Existance, who happens to be the "God" who gave the Elementz their powers.

Players can travel to the Fate/Destiny Ruins later on in the game after reaching level 75 and completeing the game, as well as after defeating the God of Evil, and complete a new quest "Existance and Anti Existance". Players will learn that each Element is a form of their world's "Light", and with every bit of Light, there is just as much "Darkness", therefor, the Darkness to Existance is AntiExistance. After completing the quest, players will be able to go to the Center of the Universe to find Element of Existance NPC and gain the powers of EXISTANCE BREAKER, which players can use only once to defeat their Anti-Form (Really just a Monster that resembles the player, but color dark with red eyes)



Players will be able to buy regular, customizeable clothes in a mall that will be unlocked after they beat the game ONCE. The clothes will be pricey, but will allow players to either buy regular, customizeable clothes, or even upload an overlay of their own clothes!